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Space Explorers


Great Lakes Aerospace Science & Education Center (GLASEC) Mission:

  • Inspire future generations of scientists, technicians, engineers, and mathematicians.
  • Expand economic opportunity for aerospace technology and commercial space travel in the Great Lake Region.
  • Develop Sheboygan’s existing aerospace assets and opportunities into a national center for exploration, discovery and commerce.

GLASEC Vision Statement:

We stand for Sheboygan’s commitment to make our Spaceport a knowledge center for the 21st Century and restore our nation’s competitive edge in the global economy. Our work will align private enterprise with the public interest. Our facility’s interactive exhibits, programs, and events will combine education with entertainment to develop, display, and celebrate the creative achievements and ongoing potential of aerospace industries and innovations. By joining forces with NASA, schools, school districts, and institutions for higher education, we create unique learning experiences for students and professional growth opportunities for teachers. We will accomplish results through teamwork and partnerships.


Explore the Universe From The Safety of Your Desk

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